New Year, New OoC
Welcome Marc Muhleisen (Bass), Chris Lamartina (Tenor), Diandra Almasco (Alto), Amy Zhai (Alto) and Tara Shankar (Soprano) to the OoC family!.

New OoCies! NOoCies!
We welcome Rachael Morton (Soprano), Ayaana Sikora (Alto), Kevin Chang (Tenor) and Fabio Arai (Bass) to the OoC family!.

2048 - OoC Edition!
Can you find the face of the oldest OoCie? 2048 , OoC Edition!

A New Leaf
Congrats to our new directors: Shalini Majumdar and Eric Liu! Another congrats to our new secretary Anjali Premkumar and our bizman Vasant Iyer.

Love Sucks Happened!!!
YES INDEED IT DID. Love Sucks happened in March and hopefully you were there to see it! If you weren't, go check out our set in the media section!

Pasadena has a Film Festival..?
But of course! What other way would we celebrate the thriving film culture in Pasadena?? Come see us open the Pasadena Film Festival on Wednesday, February 12 at 1 pm. We have as much information as you do at this point.

The Fox Said What Now?
Thanks for coming out to our annual first term concert in R/F arches! It was a great turnout. See you next term for our annual Love Sux Concert!

Give a warm welcome to our newest members!
Congrats to Anjali Premkumar, Eric Liu, Gandalf Saxe, and Vasant Iyer on being our newest members of Out of Context. We're looking forward to a great year!

A New Season!
Welcome everyone to a new year at Caltech! Out of Context (in conjunction with Fluid Dynamics, Keytones, and Harmonic Motion) will be holding an ice cream social on Monday, September 30, from 3-4:30 pm on the Olive Walk. You can sign up for auditions there, which will be held Tuesday through Thursday from 9-11 pm in the Music House. See you then!

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